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We Think flash are exciting to bring our concept in the field of education. We are giving tips for exams preparations. In generally there is more competition building in the field of business and education. In both cases some people are still struggling to get number one position in their respective position or field. We are offering them good exam tips. Here we do offer clinical exam tips.


   In think flash we are giving our services in the form of card types, there are giving below.
> Examination method card 
> Clinical Signs and findings Card
> Long Case Card


Clinical exam tips


Must refer many books based on your clinical exam it gives more experience. In the clinical exam, we are taking both theoretical and practical exams.


We have to concentrate on the practical part because practical knowledge gives more experience rather than in theory part in clinical exams. It gives more credits to our exam score.


We do the major thing like

Examination Method card

Clinical Signs and findings Card

Disease and Pathology Card

Long Case Card

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